Anchorage at Isla Porvenir, San Blas

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20 meters

We arrived here just before sunset to be close for our customs and clearance into the San Blas islands of Panama the next morning. Surrounded by coral reefs littered with the remains of boats that weren't so successful at navigating the water around here, we played it safe and kept our depth at no less than 10 meters all the way in.

We also laid down some waypoints on our chart plotter to help guide us along the deeper channels. With the sun in front of us, we had very little view ahead as to what was under the water but we trusted our charts. Also there was the fact that larger cruise ships make their way down this channel also so we felt good about doing this in the late afternoon light.

We have good holding in 20 meters and a sand bottom. The reefs surrounding us protected us nicely from the swells kicked up from the constant trade winds. While cautious about encountering mosquitos, we kept the screens closed on all the hatches however I don't think this was necessary as no one was bitten on deck at dusk.

As a further note, Digicel has a tower on the end of Punta San Blas which provides good phone and data service to the western most islands of San Blas. Not sure how far east the signal will reach but at least we have some internet for now.

As an initial entry point to the archipelago of the San Blas islands, this is a good place to begin.

Anchorage Position

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