Anchorage at Fakarava, Tuamotu

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21 meters

OK, this has to be one of the best and calmest anchorages of our entire circumnavigation so far… We are inside the lagoon of Fakarava with crystal clear water, absolutely calm with no swell, no current and a light 10-15 kt constant breeze. We’ve got a solid anchor in sand on the bottom 21 meters down. A boat with less chain could easily anchor closer in too.

We’re right in front of TopDive who we’ve spent the past number of days diving with on the pass (wild drift diving with tons of sharks!) as well calmer dives outside the reef seeing giant manta rays, thousands of reef fish, and wonderful coral.

Enjoying the wonderful water! Inside the lagoon, we’ve gone for dives ourselves as well as snorkeling around the many coral heads that litter the floor of this lagoon. The French have put good markers for most of the dangerous areas inside the lagoon so it would be really hard to hit something here unless you were not paying close attention.

You do need to time your entry and exit through the pass to happen close to high or low slack tide as during the mid-tides, the water rages pretty good through the pass and even a large yacht would have lots of trouble making headway against the current and huge standing waves. So, be sure to time your entry and exit properly!

The local village has a little store for provisions and you can get gasoline for your tender from the yacht services company located here. No diesel fuel however so be sure to arrive with whatever you need.

This is a place to spend a number of days just relaxing, swimming, snorkeling and diving. A most special place!

Anchorage Position

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