Anchorage at Kawau Island, New Zealand

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7 meters

We entered here after a full day of sailing in the rain down the coast of the North Island from Bay of Islands toward Auckland. The seas were moderate and we had 20 kts of wind right on the stern so we had just the genoa sail up along with some motor. After a wet and cold day, entering this quiet refuge was a welcome event and we've enjoyed a peaceful night's rest here. It's an anchorage that is well protected from almost any weather (except from the West) so naturally it's a favorite amongst the local sailors too. The holding is mud and the bottom a pretty uniform 7-8 meters so you can set your anchor just about anywhere. Giamma and Andrea caught some snappers right off the back of the boat and we'll try our hand at catching some bigger snappers tomorrow.

Anchorage Position

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  • comment from Pieter And Tineke Pieter And Tineke on January 24, 2016

    Hi crew Feeling Good!

    We are curious about your further adventures in NZ.

    Big hugs a tutti, Piero é Tineke