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After 'roughing it' in the Bay of Islands in the Northland, we came down to Auckland to start getting some work done for next season. As Orams is on the North Wharf, right downtown Auckland, it seems like an ideal place to set up for a while. As it turned out, it was a fabulous location with access to all the best tradesmen for engine, generator, rigging, sails, watermaker, etc.

In addition, just outside the entrance to Orams we found tons of chandlers, dive shops, safety equipment service, fire extinguisher service and more. If that wasn't enough, you were walking distance to restaurants, supermarkets and the famous Auckland Fish Market. This was the best marina location we've ever had for getting things done and restocking the boat with parts, food and wine (rum too!)

The entrance to the marina is via the Waitemata Harbour and although they claim there is a solid 5.0 meters of depth all the way to the berths at low tide, we found 3.7 meters in some places so some caution is advised for boats with a deeper draft.

Here's a list of some of the many contractors we used while were were in the marina. We can recommend all of them for your work:

We also loved being able to go to the cinemas and events in town like the Cirque du Solie. The area along the waterfront (5 minutes from the marina) is teeming with restaurants, shops and all sorts of things to do too. On the weekends you can do things like take the ferry to Waiheke island to do wine tasting (30 minutes away). If you are in the mood to drive yourself places, there are a large number of car hire (rental!) guys around that beat the big companies for price. We had a good car for NZ$20/day.

So, be sure to stop by Orams Marine Village and say 'Hello' to the tradesman from all of us on S/Y Feelin' Good!

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