Anchorage at Ofolanga Island, Ha'apai, Tonga

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24 meters

This anchorage is outside the island's barrier reef so you need to have reasonable weather conditions (slight seas, light winds from the north to southeast) to be comfortable here overnight. Ofolanga is an uninhabited island of the Ha'apai group of the Tongan archipelago surrounded by coral reefs with one small pass to get the dinghy through so you can explore the miles of untouched beach. The snorkeling outside the reef is world class but watch the tide as the current gets quite strong.

We are anchored in 25 meters of crystal clear water (getting tired of hearing that, eh!) in a nice sand bottom that you can easily see. In fact you can see the sand and coral on the bottom quite clearly standing on deck! Amazing visibility! We all took off for a nice snorkel when we first arrived yesterday followed some fun Racing Hermit Crabs on the beach. Back onboard to a fabulous sunset, another wonderful dinner from Carmen topped off with a very quiet and lovely night's sleep with the just slightest a hint of gentle rocking.

In the morning I decided to get off the boat early for some exercise so I had Ivan drop me off on the beach with a packed lunch, some water, a camera and a VHF radio. The jungle was so dense there was no way you'd get more than 3 meters into it before being tangled up so... it was beach walk all the way around. Collecting shells, taking swims whenever I got too hot and just sitting the shade of a palm tree to take in the most perfect beach scenery I've ever experienced. Three hours to walk around the island then I was back on the beach ready for pickup, tired and sunburned but with a huge smile on my face!

Be sure to stop over here if the weather is good as it's a place you don't want to miss, it's one of the most magical places left in the world.

Tongan Sunset

Anchorage Position

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