Anchorage at Port Maurelle, Vava'u, Tonga

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31 meters

The archipelago of Vava'u, Tonga has literally hundreds of secluded anchorages available. I picked this one to show off as it's about 4 nm from the town of Neiafu and has great snorkeling, diving and beach walking. There's only one house hidden away in the jungle otherwise it's perfectly secluded and well protected from wind and swell. Suprisingly we do have 3g phone service here so we can get email, etc. without too much trouble too. We've been here a few times now and it's become one of our favorites.

Giamma snorkeling in Swallow's Cave, photo by Carmen Around the corner from here is Swallows Cave, a really unique place to snorkel or dive as it's a series of caves cut into a cliff that open on the top to an overhanging jungle while the bottom is a deep hole into the seabed. Over the edge of the entrance to the cave the small fish flow in and out like the tide in huge schools. Once inside they form 'minnow balls' and provide a fantastic photo opportunity. Giamma came up with a new way of attaching a GoPro to his head so he can get better video underwater. It works great!

The bay itself is perfect for paddle-boarding and we've been practicing enough be to be able stand up for a while, yeah! The water is perfectly clear down to 30 meters and we can see our anchor securely set in the sand. There are lots of places to anchor in much shallower water closer to the beach so just about any boat can get a pleasant anchorage here.

Oh, and did I mention the stern points to a the west for those amazing sunset photos! What an fantastic place to hang out!

Sunset at Port Maurelle

Anchorage Position

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