Ken's Cruising Guide for the Kingdom of Tonga

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This guide, although 13 years old this year, is still is the most relevant and detailed guidebook around. For the 2 months we spent in Tonga, we used this book every day to help us figure out where to go, what to do once there and really appreciated his photographs and hand-drawn charts. We saw this book on every boat we visited so others feel the same way. It's a classic, be sure to grab a copy before it goes out of print!

Written by Ken Hellewell

Ken's Cruising Guide for the Kingdom of Tonga This is the most complete cruising guide for the Kingdom of Tonga. Made by a cruiser for cruisers, it features lay flat binding, logically arranged charts and information including waypoints and anchorages. Included in the guide are over 90 anchorages, provisioning information, customs procedures and details relating to officialdom. Every anchorage page includes a picture, corrected chart and a description of conditions and items of interest. The author spent three seasons sailing the entire chain and researched, recorded and documented every single anchorage and waypoint included in the book. Additionally, he corrected every chart to eliminate the roughly 1/4 mile error that exists in contemporary paper and electronic charts. There is no better resouce for both the traveller and sailor interested in visiting this island paradise.

Published by Cevennes Productions, the ISBN is 978-0972749213 and our rating for this book is

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