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Sailingbird's Guide to Tonga

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A complete guide to sailing, diving, and exploring Vava'u, the sailing center of Tonga. Sailingbird's guide includes over 150 full-color photographs, hand-drawn maps, and illustrations.

Written by Charles Paul and Kethering L. Pham-Paul

Sailbird's Guide to Tonga

We were presented this book by the author as a first place prize in winning the 2015 Vava'u Blue Water Festival Regatta. What a nice gift! We really enjoying using this guide while we were in Tonga (a note, it only covers the Vava'u area) and it had much more information than our electronic charts for finding paths into the various anchorages, where to snorkel and dive. There was also lots of good information about each anchorage site along with walks, things to do, etc. A very worthwhile addition to any sailor's library who finds themselves in Vava'u. We'll use it extensively on our next visit to Tonga.

Published by Sailingbird Publications, Inc., the ISBN is 978-0975375303 and our rating for this book is

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