Reed's Skippers Handbook

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This has been an invaluable book for me not only because it's filled with an amazing amount of material that I read over and over again but... it's small enough to fit in a pocket so I end up taking it with me a lot. It's also very concise and can be used more like a reference tool rather than a book to learn from.

The illustrations are excellent and get the point across even if the subject is new to you so you can learn from it as well I guess. It helped me review skill areas before I took the RYA Exams. It will have a prominent location on my yacht some day.

This is one of my favorite and most used sailing books. I think it should be standard kit on every yacht!

Written by Malcom Pearson

Reed's Skippers Handbook The Reed's Skipper's Handbook, now in its 6th edition, has been a best-seller since first publication. Published in a handy pocket size, it is a memory-aid of everything a boater would need to know at sea. Packed with a wide range of information in a concise form it's frequently recommended by Yachtmaster Instructors as a quick reference guide and as a revision aid for anyone taking their Day Skipper and Yachtmaster certificates. The 6th edition has been expanded with helpful new material on boat handling, tides, ropework and general seamanship. 'A terrific little volume' Motorboat & Yachting 'A brilliant guide for beginners and an excellent refresher for more advanced skippers...a top rate book' Waterstones 'Everything you would need to know when going to sea in a yacht or small boat...a humdinger of a little book' Nautical Magazine Reeds Skipper's Handbook is a must for anyone going to sea in any size of boat - be they novice or old hand. Many thousands of skippers and crew have found it invaluable as a memory jogger and a refresher whether at sea or on land.

Published by Adlard Coles Publishing, the ISBN is 978-1-4081-2477-2 and our rating for this book is

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