The Complete Anchoring Guide

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I read through this once and found that I really need to read it through many more times. The knowledge, experience and guidance this book provides is something you can't just read about. You have to try it yourself with your yacht. The authors have immense experience in setting all kinds of anchors in all sorts of conditions. Through nice illustrations and photographs they show you just what to do and what to watch out for.

I plan to use it as a guide to help me learn how/where to anchor properly. Although I am dive certified, I don't relish the thought of diving in zero visibility in some scummy harbor to clear my anchor. Knowing where I should place an anchor and what to do when it gets stuck is invaluable information. I'll carry this book in my on-board library as well.

As a side note, there appear to be numerous tools and technique to help clear a fouled anchor and I'll take a look them in a future article.

Written by Alain Poiraud

The Complete Anchoring Guide Takes the anxiety out of anchoring, using straightforward language and clear, simple illustrations. This comprehensive guide explains the physical forces acting on the boat, anchor, and sea bottom and recommends new methods for improved holding power.

Published by McGraw-Hill Publishing, the ISBN is 978-0-07-147508-2 and our rating for this book is

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