RYA Competent Crew

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A good, basic book for anyone who wants to learn a bit about sailing so they don't feel so helpless their first few times on a sailboat. Nicely put together with good illustrations on the parts of the sailboat, rules of the road and things you can do to assist the skipper. Recommended reading for anyone going along on a sailboat and a nice review for those of us who already think we know all this stuff!

Written by Penny Haire

RYA Competent Crew The RYA Competent Crew book is the official course notebook for the RYA Competent Crew Course but it is also essential reading for anyone who has limited yachting experience. It gives advice on basic crewing techniques an seamanship and is designed to help you make sense of your first few days on board a yacht.

Published by The Royal Yachting Association, the ISBN is 978-0901501875 and our rating for this book is

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