World Cruising Routes

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The tagline is "1,000 routes from the South Seas to the Arctic". After reading most of the book, I would have to agree. Jimmy Cornwell has done an absolutely amazing job of detailing routes from just about anywhere to somewhere else. As I'll be doing the ARC this year and then the reverse ARC next year to bring the boat back to the Med. I can tap into a small portion of his expertise. Looking down the road to a possible circumnavigation in a few years, I can see that his knowledge will be instrumental in helping me decide a route. In light of the threat to all ships by the Somalia pirates, it would appear a route around Cape of Good Hope would be prudent (albeit longer). Regardless of if I ever do something so huge, the reading is interesting and Jimmy does an excellent job of helping you think about all the variations in getting from "point a" to "point b".

Written by Jimmy Cornell

World Cruising Routes 184 countries. Endless possibilities for the cruising vacation of your dreams

"What Jimmy Cornell doesn't know about cruising isn't worth knowing." --Yachting World

World Cruising Destinations is the only nautical tourist guide to the world, the ultimate aid for planning an ocean voyage or a charter vacation. Covering the globe from the tropics to high latitudes, this guide gives essential details of climate, ports, facilities, highlights, and travel formalities (visas, entrance requirements, etc.) of destinations in 184 countries. If you are ready to cast off the docklines tomorrow or just want to do your voyaging from the comfort of your armchair, it's a wonderful guidebook to your next dream vacation.

300 vivid, full-color maps and photos

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. World Cruising Facts and Highlights
  • Chapter 2. Mediterranean and Black Sea
  • Chapter 3. Northern Europe
  • Chapter 4. Western Europe and North Atlantic Islands
  • Chapter 5. West Africa and South Atlantic Islands
  • Chapter 6. Caribbean
  • Chapter 7. Central and North America
  • Chapter 8. South America
  • Chapter 9. North Pacific Islands
  • Chapter 10. Australia and South Pacific Islands
  • Chapter 11. Southeast Asia and the Far East
  • Chapter 12. North Indian Ocean and Red Sea
  • Chapter 13. South Indian Ocean
  • Appendices: Cruising Guides

Published by Adlard Coles Publishing, the ISBN is 978-0-7136-8777-4 and our rating for this book is

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