RYA Fishing Afloat

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OK, I have to admit I love fishing but almost all of my fishing experience has been in fresh water, mostly on trout streams. The ocean is a lot different environment and I've had bad luck so far at all of my attempts. I'm used to stalking the fish in a stream, not dragging a lure behind a boat. Ocean fishing behind a sailboat would seem to be a fairly brainless task that depends on dumb luck more than skill however I must be dumber than most as I can't catch anything! In reading this book, now I can begin to make some sense of all this and there is a lot of skill in rigging the lines, choosing the lure, setting the depth of where to run the lure, etc. I beleive this book will be the basis for me being more successful on my sailing journeys. I'll keep you posted, wish me luck!

Written by Dick McClary

RYA Fishing Afloat The latest addition to the RYA's fishing series, RYA Fishing Afloat is a practical guide and the perfect companion for anyone who uses a boat to go fishing. Author Dick McClary offers valuable advice from tackle, rods and reels; fishing techniques, and selecting the right lures and knots. Packed with full colour illustrations and photographs throughout to complement highly informative text.

Published by The Royal Yachting Association, the ISBN is 978-1906-435-028 and our rating for this book is

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