Baiona, Spain to Leixoes, Portugal

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Picked up some fuel before leaving Baiona and headed south for Leixoes so we could spend a few days exploring the old town of Porto, Portugal. Once again, more motoring than sailing but since we needed to continue making progress southward, we had no choice. Flat seas and an easy passage brought us to the marina where we had the last spot to park a yacht our size. It's a good thing we had called for a reservation.

The next day we toured the old town of Porto, it was a 20 minute bus ride from the marina. We enjoyed visiting a number of the port houses. Surprisingly, Taylor was not our favorite one although it is the largest and most universally recognized. We found the Offley House had the nicest tasting ports and a good variety of them as well. We were suprised to see a new Rose port and White port as well as the more traditional Ruby and Tawny. Of course we brought some back to stock the yacht!

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