Camaret, France to Ile De Houat, France

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We entered the Raz de Sein channel with a nice ebb tide pushing us along. We timed it work this way so we would be able to make some better time. We passed the extraordinary Ile de Sein which earned tax-free status from Charles de Gaulle after WWII because all 124 fishermen on the island heeded his call to join the Free French movement and took their fishing boats to the UK. Interesting how taxation seems to be involved in so many aspects of our lives!

Later on we had several low passes by a twin engine Navajo aircraft that showed up with an AIS signal (traveling at 180 kts!). We thought it was neat but it ended up being the French Customs giving us the look over as they sent a ship to intercept and board us later. Our ensign seems to attract a lot of attention from customs so we expect to get boarded in European waters a lot. So far we had the Dutch and Germans do checks on the yacht but only when we came into a marina. This was the first time it was done at sea. They were very cordial and after looking over the yacht and paperwork, they left. When we reached Ile de Houat that afternoon we found them there ahead of us and they kindly showed us the best place to set anchor and advised us about an expected gale. All in all, a good customs experience.

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