Ile De Houat, France to Ile De Re, France

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Had a false start leaving Ile de Houat as we headed out only to find beating windward in 30 kts of wind was not something we wanted to do for the next 14 hours. We went back to our anchorage for another night and started out the next day determined to make up for lost time. We planned our passage all the way to Arcachon but about half way down the French coast we got another imminent gale warning for our area so we headed into shore and decided to wait out the gale on the eastern side of Ile de Re just off St. Martin.

The forecast was for winds from the west so we figured we'd be OK on the eastern side of the island. However the winds came from the Northwest and pummeled the dickens out of us for 2-3 days. We had to anchor out almost 2nm as the water was so shallow. It made for a very long dinghy ride into the town as well. At one point we were in town and wanted to go back to the yacht but fog had moved in and we had a little trouble finding the yacht!

p(note).Note: bring handheld gps to town next time!

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