Charlestown, Nevis to Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

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Distance (nm)
Average (kts)

Sometimes, even if there is wind, you can't sail. This was one of those days where the direction we had to go was directly against the wind. Even though it was blowing at 20 kts we would have had to go off the wind by 40-50 degrees and tack back and forth beating against a moderate sea to get to Antigua. Instead of a 7:30 hour passage it would have taken at least 12 hour or more. We decided to motor so we could arrive just before dark and find a good anchorage.

As we got closer to Falmouth Harbor, we saw some enormous masts pocking over the top of some of the hills. Pulling into the harbor we saw an amazing array of 'eye candy' topping of with the Mirabella V, the worlds largest single-masted sailing yacht. It's 250 feet long with a mast height of 300 feet! Despite dwarfing everyone else in the harbor, there were still plenty of 150 foot sailing yachts around too. We look small here...

Passage Position

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