Falmouth Harbour, Antigua to Nonsuch Bay, Antigua

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While leaving Falmouth Harbour, Antigua to go anchor out for a few days in Nonsuch Bay, we were surprised to see all the Classic Superyachts that we'd been ogling in the harbour out for the day to practice for the Antigua Superyacht Challenge. What amazing luck to see all these huge classic yachts in full sail roaring back and forth just outside the harbour. Fantastic!!

After cruising around them for an hour or so taking photos, we heading up to Nonsuch Bay, a beautiful, reclusive anchorage on the eastern (Atlantic) side of the island. With 20kts of constant wind blowing we expected some swells however we anchored behind a nice reef that broke the swells down to nothing and we picked up a nice mooring ball (thanks Antigua!). We've decided to spend a few days enjoying the solitude and snorkeling around the reefs. Tracy's beef and chicken fajitas with a few beers top off the evening while we watch another gorgeous sunset.

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