Cuxhaven, Germany to Dan Helder, Netherlands

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My first overnight passage. Sean was cautious (as he should be) to see how I would handle a night watch by myself. I'm pleased to say I did fine. In fact I grew to really enjoy the night watches as I got to use the radar to look for ships and obstructions. The Steiner binoculars were indespensible to help spot other sailing yachts with their dim tricolor lights.

We also found the Hard Dodger is worth its weight in gold as it give you such a sense of security at 02:00 on the open sea. In fact we both kept muttering 'Hard Top' whenever a wave broke over the bow and splashed up on the windscreen for the rest of our journey. We made it into Dan Helder as yet another gale was building in the North Sea (sound familar?). While having a marina to hold up in during a gale was wonderful, Dan Helder is not. We spent several days there and it wasn't that interesting of a place.

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