Holtenau, Germany to Cuxhaven, Germany

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We attempted to find fuel this morning and spent until 11:00 before we gave up and headed over to queue up to enter the Lock. With about 25 other yachts and big freighters we waited about an hour before we were let in to the lock. Interesting to raft up with all sorts of boats making the transit. My expectation was the water level difference would be huge but it's only about 30 cm or so!

About 40 euros to use the Canal and we're off on a winding journey through the heart of Germany. Half way through we found fuel at Rendsburg. German immigration took the time to stop their coffee break and come visit us checking passports, etc. Nice folks! On the other end, We popped out in Brunsbuttel in the Elbe River and continued on about 16 nm away to Cuxhaven. What a fantastic experience.

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