Ile De Re, France to Santander, Spain

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Finally, we were able to depart Ile de Re and this time decided to see if we could make it all the way to Santander, Spain. The storm broke one of the rubber pieces on the anchor snubber line and bent the hook attached to the anchor chain pretty badly too. As we rounded the northern corner of Ile de Re and started out in the Bay of Biscay again we encountered some Atlantic rollers left over from the gale but the yacht rode them easily.

On our overnight passage the skies were clear and we had a marvelous view of the Milky Way and saw a number of meteors streak by. At one point we were over some very deep water, more than 3000 meters. The next afternoon we sailed on into Santander in a lovely breeze and Sean enjoyed being back in range of his mobile phone to catch up with friends and family in Spain. We enjoyed our brief stay in Santander with good food, wine and beautiful weather.

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