Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin to Gustavia, St. Barth

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After waking up in our nice anchorage, we headed out after breakfast on our way to St. Barths. We loved visiting there last year and looked forward to spending time in Gustavia, the largest city on the island. Good food, provisions, wine and restaurants. What a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

We sailed to the wind for the whole passage but it was very pleasant in 20kts of wind. After clearing the corner of Ile Tintamarra, we were able to make the passage to Gustavia on on port tack. Coming into the harbor we passed by a number of super yachts but the most famous is "Eclipse" at 164 meters long with a helicopter on the top. Amazing!

We had a nice lunch in town and shopped a bit before taking the dinghy back to the boat. Tonight we'll BBQ a nice pork loin on the grill and watch the big yachts around us light up like a disco! Tomorrow we continue our trek south.

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