Marigot, St. Martin to Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin

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Distance (nm)
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Finally, work and repairs are completed and we are off on our winter sailing season here in the Caribbean. As we needed to check out the rigging, sails and hydraulic systems we took a short sail this afternoon around the area between St. Martin and Anguilla. We zig-zagged back and forth and then made a bee-line down toward St. Bart's. The winds were from the southeast at about 20 kts and we had our main sail reefed in a bit and put up the stay-sail (after finding the genoa was too powerful for the conditions).

As we were passing the beautiful Ile Tintamarre, we decided to pull in there for the night as it has a beautiful white beach and new mooring balls to tie up to. Sundowner in hand and burgers ready to pop onto the BBQ while we watch the sunset. Just finished a nice swim to cool off. Yep, sure miss winter in Europe!

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