Moorea to Huahini Hui 2015

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After some lovely days spent enjoying Moorea, it's time to move on to one of the places that has been on my 'bucket list' for many years... Huahini Hui (and Ita). We prepared the boat last night for an early morning (06:30) departure knowing it would take most of the day to sail the 85 nm.

Perfect sailing conditions in 10-14 kts of wind in 1.5 m seas with bright sunshine (ok... we could have used a little more wind). Once in a while the winds dropped to 8 kts and we had to kick in the engine to keep our speed up. We needed to be able to navigate the pass through the reef in daylight hours to arrive safely.

Mahi mahi for dinner! Along the way, Giamma and I decided to put out the fishing lines to see if we could catch something. As we planned to meet up with Andrea (our first mate for the last 9 months) who has his own boat back in the water now after 10 months on dry-dock, we thought we'd see if we could still catch fish even with him not on-board. As it turned out, our new 1st mate, Ivan, grabbed the fishing rod as it started to scream just as we approached Huahini Ita. After slowing the boat down and a brief fight we had a nice 3.5 kg Mahi Mahi for dinner.

We plan to spend a number of days here exploring this delightful island and spending more time with Andrea before we depart for the next set of islands in this part of French Polynesia. What a wonderful part of the world. So easy to see why Bernard Moitisier decided to forgo winning the first solo circumnavigation race to come back here.

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