Tuamotu to Tahiti 2015

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Tomorrow we begin the passage from the wonderful archipelago of Tuamotu to the main island of Tahiti where we'll put Feelin' Good in a marina for the first time since Colon, Panama. Tracy and I as well as the crew will take a well-deserved month off to relax and visit with friends and family back home. This short, 205 nm, passage will only take us about 23 hours to accomplish as the wind forecast is for a very pleasant 16 kts on a beam to broad reach all the way, nice!

We'll be heading out early tomorrow so I'll send up a post from when we are underway. As usual, follow along on the map below to see where we are. Onward to Papeete, Tahiti!

Passage Position

Log Entries

by Art, Papeete, Tahiti

As predicted, the winds were really nice and we sailed the entire way over to Tahiti arriving about 5:30 in the morning. After entering through the passage in the reef, we called in to the airport control tower to ask if we could pass the airport on our way around the island (inside the reef...). As our mast is 39 meters, we could have interfered with any airplane taking off or landing. Finally, about 08:30 we arrived at our berth in Marina Taina and began the process of cleaning up the boat. What a nice passage!

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