Nonsuch Bay, Antigua to to Carlisle Bay, Antigua

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Well, we planned to make it further around the corner today to Deep Bay up by St. John's but when we saw the big boats out racing again we just had to stop and enjoy them one more time. The sail from Nonsuch Bay was a little rough (3m seas and 20-25kts of wind) and we were in a broad reach most of the way with the big swells going under the boat. Nothing we nor Feelin' Good couldn't handle but in order to make some lunch we decided to put in at Carlisle Bay. The additional benefit is that we were close to one of the racing buoys and got a fabulous view of the superyachts as they made this turn and tacked back toward the finish line. What a thrill!

After lunch we decided to snorkel around as we spotted 4-5 turtles surfacing in the area. Tracy and I put our gear on and jumped in for an couple of hours to watch the turtles and swim along the reef spotting all sorts of fish that we knew. Lots of fun! Gotta get back into my underwater photography soon. I miss it.

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