Whale Spotting in Antigua

By Art on (with 2 comments)

Humpback tail disappearing into the ocean While sailing around Antigua today from Carisle Bay on our way to an anchorage in Nonsuch Bay on the east side of the island, Murray spotted a whale breaching up ahead of us. We quickly changed course and motored over to see if we could get close enough for some photos. Luckily this male "Humpback Whale](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/)Humpback_whale was not too worried about our little boat and keep breeching and rolling on the surface to give us a good show.

To cap it off, a pod of Bottlenose Dolphin came up to play around the boat for a bit. As they rolled next to the side of us you could see their eyes looking at us with their big smile. What wonderful animals! They stayed for a little while jumping alongside our bow then sped off.

A great day of wildlife encounters!

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  • comment from Art Art on April 16, 2012

    L'esperienza di vedere una balena è stata veramente qualcosa da ricordare!

  • comment from Cristina Corsi Cristina Corsi on April 16, 2012

    Fantastico il vostro viaggio prosegue benissimo!!!! Fantastiche creature del mare. Bellissime avventure. Buon vento e a presto