Sunset Beach Bar

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A typical photo taken from the bar A visit to the island of St. Martin (French side) and St. Maarten (Dutch side) wouldn't be complete without stopping in at the famous Sunset Beach Bar. It's located at the end of the runway at Princess Juliana International Airport. You've probably seen a picture of it before as the beach is the place where passenger jets cross at 50 feet to land on the runway just on the other side of the beach. Every time a jet passes overhead hundreds of people leap to their feet waving beers and snapping photos. Likewise, they line up like dominoes when a jet is taking off to see who can get blown by the jet blast further.

In addition to a fabulous location and despite the crowds, the food is good, drinks reasonably priced and they have a live band all day long. The beach itself is spectacular and a perfect place for a swim in the azure blue waters.

Passing boats park just off the beach to get a good the view of the airplanes and crazy party goers. Another wacky place we just had to visit to see for ourselves.

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