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Choosing an event On our recently completed transit of the Atlantic from Las Palmas to St. Lucia we were loaned a device called Yellowbrick by the organizers of the ARC. It provided our location (longitude/latitude) every four hours to a website where family and friends back home could track our progress. We liked it so well, we purchased one ourselves.

While we will still have our own maps for passages we've completed in the past, the Yellowbrick will be used to show our real-time position and movements. We've added a link from our website to the Yellowbrick website so you can drop over to take a look once in a while. We'll eventually be integrating their map into our website to keep everything in one place.

The selection of event choices The folks at Yellowbrick were kind enough to rescue our waypoints from our crosssing with the loaned unit we had on the ARC and have incorporated them into our personal Yellowbrick webpage.

Once you click on our link to the Yellowbrick website you will enter a special page showing a map of our current location and latest route. If you want to choose an earlier event (like our transit of the Atlantic on the ARC) you can choose it from the menu at the top where it says "Winter 2011". Once there you will find a number of choices arranged by time-frame. For example, the ARC took place between Nov 15th and Dec 7th so selecting that event will show you the waypoints only from that time period.

We'll be updating our Yellowbrick web page with every passage we take so check back to see where we are!

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  • comment from Christine Furney Christine Furney on January 22, 2012

    Fab fab fab fab! So lovely to monitor your blissful progress and to feel we are in touch: thankyou once again for including all armchair makes us feel not-forgotten but included... Loved the Brissago and music!! Great FUN! Love to all.. Happy dreaming-creaming!..........Dont forget the suntan screening! Cxxx.