Skipper's Medical Emergency Handbook

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An essential book about taking care of medical emergencies while at sea that is organized in five chapters; Preparation, Emergencies: How to Save and Preserve Life, Accidents and Trauma, Medical Disorders and Treatments and Emergency Medical Procedures. Each entry within a chapter has a flowchart to follow in helping you diagnose and treat a patient.

It's an extremely comprehensive book that covers just about everything that could happen while at sea. I was reviewing the section on removing a fish hook and it brought back memories of the time Tracy caught her finger rather than a fish. The technique in the book is identical to what the doctor used to extract the hook.

The sight of blood or a bad injury to a crew member can add a lot of difficulty to an emergency situation and this book has an excellent methodology for the medical layperson to follow at a time when clear thinking is hard. I really like the illustrations and charts.

I've carried this book around in the medical kit I have from the MSOS (Medical Support OffShore) team and just recently took the opportunity to sit down and read it. Wish I'd done it before but at least now I have and I'm amazed at how valuable this book is. It should be in every skipper's library.

Written by Spike Briggs & Campbell Mackenzie

Skipper's Medical Emergency Handbook The Skipper's Medical Emergency Handbook is designed to assist all who go to sea - whether on a day excursion, a holiday cruise or an even longer trip. It will provide practical advice, boost confidence, solve problems and minimize danger for all on board.

Step-by-step instructions, explanatory illustrations and flow charts provide an at-a-glance reference on how to prevent, treat and care for the sick and injured at sea. And there is advice on pre-voyage preparations, establishing emergency procedures, first response and assessment of illnesses and injury, right through to offshore aftercare and recovery.

Published by Adlard Coles Publishing first in 2008, this is the 1st edition published in 2008 and has 224 pages in hardcover format. The ISBN is 978-0-7136-8937-2 and our rating for this book is ☆☆☆☆☆

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  • comment from Roland Roland on March 9, 2013

    Great review! I just ordered one.