Beqa Lagoon Shark Dive Fiji

By Tracy on (with 1 comment)

Captain Andrea, aka the Samurai fisherman, now has a new alias: Ninja Shark diver! He's been wanting to do a hardcore dive with sharks for a while now, so we anchored in Beqa Lagoon and he took a couple dives with Beqa Lagoon Resort's dive centre. Wow! Huge Tiger sharks, Bull sharks, White Tip sharks, Black Tip sharks and millions of fish swirling around.

This video is amazing and it was all shot with a GoPro by Andrea during the dives. Enjoy!

Run time is 00:07:31

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  • comment from Tammy Mathews Tammy Mathews on September 20, 2016

    Amazing!!! Love it! I think I may have died from fear. Especially after reading Tracy's first book. Love the other fishes though, beautiful. Thank You!