Namara Reef Snorkel Tour Fiji

By Tracy on (with 1 comment)

Our last scuba trip in Fiji was so many years ago, we were wondering if it was still going to be as beautiful as we remembered: we have not been disappointed! Even after the devastating Cyclone Wilson hit the islands last season, we've been so pleased to find wonderful places to dive and snorkel.

Photos are wonderful, and Art's been able to capture an impressive collection of fabulous marine images, but I wanted more, I wanted to take you all with me on a magical Fiji snorkel tour. So here it is, from start to finish, as if you were really there, so enjoy my friends, its real, and its waiting for you. Hugs T

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  • comment from Tammy Mathews Tammy Mathews on September 20, 2016

    Very beautiful and relaxing. You know I love a good snorkel trip. Thanks for sharing!