Anchorage at Pulau Sabayor, Indonesia

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18 meters

Just outside the boundaries of Komodo National Park is Pulau Sabayor where most of the live-aboard dive boats out of Labuan Bajo come to do the checkout dive for their guests. There's also a nice dive resort, Komodo Resort and Diving Club close by where we had a nice dinner one night. The snorkeling and diving are excellent and the water temperature is perfect for just wearing a dive skin or rasher top. From sharks to manta rays to turtles and almost every kind of fish we saw it all. Be prepared for hot sunny days (at least in September!) with a nice breeze at night for sleeping. This place is well worth putting on your list when you come visit Indonesia.

We anchored in sand at 18 meters and it was a great spot to be, lots of shallower places to anchor too...

A great anchorage at Pulau Sabayor

Anchorage Position

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