Mooring at Pink Sands, Komodo, Indonesia

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25 meters

This is one of the most popular areas of Komodo Island as the tour boats first bring their guests to the ranger station to see the Komodo Dragons, then stop by Pink Sands Beach on the way back for some great snorkeling and diving. So we too visited the ranger station, took our obligatory photos then motored over here to hang out for a few days. Turns out, the locals are right. The snorkeling and diving was superb. The much cooler water temperatures (26C) were also welcome in this hot, dry season too!

About 16:30 a Komodo dragon walked the beach in front of our location until some local kids came buy in a boat and started throwing stones at the poor dragon (kids are the same the world over...). Snorkeling brought us to a very lush and unspoiled reef system filled with all species of fish, turtles, and even giant mantas! The current is a little strong in places but, as long as you are careful, nothing to be too concerned about. You find current everywhere in this part of Indonesia.

We put Feelin' Good around the corner from Pink Sands Beach on a mooring ball provided by the park service. They are on a program of placing a number of mooring balls around the park to help cut down on damage to this fragile reef system and it seems to be working as this was a spectacular place!

Komodo Dragon on the beach

Anchorage Position

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